Characters are a important part of roleplaying. To keep this roleplay community both harmonious and fun, there must be regulations, whether you like it or not.

Character CreationEdit

To create a character, one must go to the Join The Clan Page, and follow the instructions on the page.

NOTE: Being a child of a leader is not necessarily "better". Often, kits of kittypets or rogues can create a more interesting roleplay.

General RulesEdit

  • Multiple characters are allowed, but make sure you can handle them.
  • Characters should be reasonably named. Simply, names may not be rude, and they have to follow common sense (For example, dfjldhfgrupqzs is not an appropriate name). They should also not be named after characters from canon, such as Squirrelflight or Spottedleaf.
  • Your character must be of your own original creation. 
  • After two weeks of user inactivity characters are at severe risk of demotion, displacement, or deletion. Administrators reserve the right to implement any of the prior punishments if deemed necessary.
  • Upon creating an account at this wiki a user automatically receives right to create a character.
  • Each user may have ONE high position (leader,deputy, meddie cat) as long as it is not taken. Medicine cat apprentices are the same as an apprentice.

Character Page StandardsEdit

  • Template:My Character should be at the top of every character page. This makes it easier for people to know what user controls what character.
  • Template:Character Infobox can be used on character pages. It is not required, but it is recommended.
  • Character pages must be properly categorized. Here are the categories required:
    • Category:Characters
    • The rank of the character (Category:Warriors for warriors).
    • Category:LilyClan
    • Category:Male/Female
    • Character pages should be substantially more than a photo, name and sentence. They need to have actual bio/history/facts about the character, or you will receive a notice that your page is too short or needs to be improved in some way. If it has not been fixed after 14 days, the user will receive a warning.
  • Characters cannot be overpowered.

Power standardsEdit

They have to be acceptable and not OP.

Un-registered charactersEdit

It is required characters be registered with the Join The Clan Page. If a character is made without being registered the creator will be notified with Template:Join Warning. The page will be deleted. The user will have the option of making a claim request. If he/she does then the page will be un-deleted.

Questions? Ask an admin.

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